Here you can find free and open source software for different purposes.


Image Uploader is a free program for Windows that lets you upload images, screenshots and other files to several dozen image/file storage services. 

Image Uploader CLI (imgupload) is a cross-platform console application for image and file uploading.

Plugins for PhpStorm/IDEA:

Vf Framework Integration is a PhpStorm/IntelliJ IDEA plugin, which improves navigation and autocompletion in framework's XML files, also it implements factory method type providing.

EazeStorm is an integration of Eaze framework (a private PHP framework) for Jetbrains PhpStorm

KohanaStorm is a small plugin for PhpStorm, making life easier when using Kohana php framework


Capturing frames from the webcam using DirectShow

Search files in the given directory by conditional expression in C++