Here you can find free and open source software for different purposes.


Image Uploader is a free program for Windows that lets you upload images, screenshots and other files to several dozen image/file storage services. 

Image Uploader CLI (imgupload) is a cross-platform console application for image and file uploading.

Vf Framework Integration is a PhpStorm/IntelliJ IDEA plugin, which improves navigation and autocompletion in framework's XML files, also it implements factory method type providing.


Here I publish my code experiments.

I hope you find some of them useful.

EazeStorm is an integration of Eaze framework (a private PHP framework) for Jetbrains PhpStorm

KohanaStorm is a small plugin for PhpStorm, making life easier when using Kohana php framework


Capturing frames from the webcam using DirectShow

Search files in the given directory by conditional expression in C++