imgupload (console version of Image Uploader)

imgupload is a cross-platform console utility for uploading files and images to over 30 different file hosting services. 

Image Upload Console Utility v0.2.4 screenshot

Supported operating systems: Windows / Ubuntu / OS X

USAGE: imgupload [OPTIONS] filename1 filename2 ...

Available options:

-l Print server list
-s <server_name>
-u <username>
-p <password>
-cl <bbcode|html|plain> (Default: plain)
-ct <TableOfThumbnails|ClickableThumbnails|Images|Links>
-fl <folder_id> ID of remote folder or album (supported by some servers)
     This is not the folder's name! 
     How to obtain it: open configuration file 'settings.xml' (Image Uploader GUI version)     
     in text editor, find your server under 'ServersParams' node, 
     and copy value of the '_FolderID' attribute.
-pr Proxy address -pt <http|socks4|socks4a|socks5|socks5dns> Proxy type (default http) -pu Proxy username -pp Proxy password --help Print this information Options which are available only in version for Windows: -up Update servers.xml the 'Data' directory must be writable, otherwise update will fail --disable-update Disable auto-updating, which is performed by default


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