Image Uploader is a free and open source program for Windows that lets you upload images, screenshots, and other files to more that 30 different hosting services. It can capture selected area from the screen, quickly upload it to an image hosting service and then can copy the URL to your clipboard.

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Version for Windows 7/8/10/11 (x86)

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Supported operating systems: Windows 7/8/10/11 (x86)
Image Uploader version 1.3.2 was the last supported release for Windows XP and Windows Vista.
Also runs on Linux with Wine (Wine version 1.7.41 or newer is strongly recommended).

Main Features

  • Uploading files to image/file hosting services
The program can upload images and files to more than 30 hosting services. Also Image Uploader can upload files to your own FTP server. After uploading, Image Uploader will generate HTML code, BBCode and Markdown code for forums. It is also possible to specify your own output template.
  • Grabbing Frames from a Video Clip
Image Uploader can grab frames from various types of video formats, e.g. AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, MKV, MP4, TS, MOV (it depends on DirectShow codecs you have installed on your system). It is recommended to install K-lite Codec Pack.
  • Screenshots
    Image Uploader can make screenshots of the entire screen or a selected screen region.
  • Image Editor
    You can easily edit the screenshots you've taken, annotate, highlight or obfuscate parts of the screenshot.
  • Drag-n-drop and clipboard is supported
  • URL shortening
  • Integration in the Windows Explorer's context menu 
  • Multi-account support
  • Reuploading

Image Uploader is available in the following languages: English, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Turkish, Serbian, Hrvatski, Korean, Farsi.


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 Image Uploader is certified by Softpedia

Program's output

This is how will look uploaded images and thumbnails embedded in a website or in a post on forum:

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sinan (2024-02-16 18:08:47)
merhaba görselleri yükle deyince ileri diyince başlayınca hata alıyorum limit aşımı diye bu nedir...
Sent (2023-10-15 13:43:17)
В сборке 1.4.0-nightly-build-5118 не работает параметр "Спрашивать подтверждение при выходе" .
Можно это как то пофиксить?
Sergey Svistunov answered:
Эта опция действует только для главного окна (мастера загрузки).
В данном случае это ошибка при проверке изменений в редакторе скриншотов. Постараюсь исправить.
Hassan (2023-10-05 19:55:26)

I use Image Uploader heavily and it is useful and there is no problem, but I try to use add ftp/sftp server

And that on my server, but I fail to put the correct data.

If there is a detailed explanation of adding the server and putting the correct data, I will be grateful to you
Соленый (2023-06-29 19:42:35)
При загрузке на fastpic тип кода "Эскизы с увеличением по клику" имеет такой же код как и "Таблица эскизов с увеличению по клику" Зачем эта таблица эскизов ?
Tony (2022-12-30 18:32:40)
here is my suggestion.
the markdown link below was provided by Image Uploader.
[screenshot 2022-12-29 15-55-28 002.png](

But I think the useful markdown link for google drive should be like
![screenshot 2022-12-29 15-55-28 002.png](
Sergey Svistunov answered:
Okay, I will follow your suggestion. But there is no such URL in the official Google Drive REST API docs. It may break in the future.
Денис (2022-08-13 22:22:54)
Ещё бы встроить в контекстное меню, вообще конфетка
Bulat (2021-10-29 23:06:55)
Отвечу на свои же вопросы:
Чтобы ссылки fastpic были https нужно в файле "fastpic.nut" удалить строку:

Проблема клавиш PageUP/PageDown в истории решилась заменой клавиатуры ;)
Bulat (2021-10-17 14:18:24)
Еще одно замечание.
Не работают клавиши PageUP/PageDown в истории.
Bulat (2021-10-17 13:50:23)
Доброго дня.
При загрузке на fastpic ссылки получаются http. Предыдущая версия ( давала https.

Это можно как то исправить?
Дмитрий (2021-02-17 19:35:30)
Последнее время на радикал картинки загружаться перестали. Кто знает как поменять сервер на