imageuploader-qt is a cross-platform program designed to upload images, photos, screenshots, frames from video to the Internet.

It is a port of Image Uploader based on Qt framework

This program is still in the development stage.

imageuploader (Qt GUI) screenshot on Linux


Be aware that these builds are not official releases and therefore probably have more bugs, possibly serious ones.

imageuploader-qt nightly build for Ubuntu 20.04+ (64 bit)

sha256: 969ad08bcec8a85ebb9919a4c4adc3aeb61ef27573ac342646fdb275c5e1fa9c

imageuploader-qt nightly build for Ubuntu 18.04+ (64 bit)

sha256: 86fadf26373044b314b9963a91662d255fb83b87096b6a6d1bdd0fc59304e8a9

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